Fintrade Academy

Fintrade Academy is a comprehensive online learning platform, which covers key areas of legal and business management in China. The online tool is suitable for organisations already operating in China or considering doing business in the region. It is designed to benefit large, medium and smaller companies and to suit individuals with varying levels of existing China knowledge.

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  • Develop an understanding of the key topics that need to be considered to operate successfully in China
  • Gain a general knowledge of China’s history and culture
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the varying business regions in the country
  • Gain an understanding of labour administration, laws and documentation in China
  • Understand the practices, procedures and tools in China in relation to hiring and dismissal as well as employee retention
  • Learn the specific Chinese cultural aspects involved with managing employees
  • Outline the steps involved in the process of finding a suitable supplier, including the specific due diligence required in China
  • Assess the various locations for regional advantages to meet specific sourcing requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the various China sourcing risks and cost management considerations
  • Learn how to build an effective China IPR strategy and understand the effects Chinese patent legislation can have on operations
  • Recognise what IPR risks should be considered when operating in China and how to register IP to protect business-critical trade secrets
  • Enhance the supervision and monitoring of potential IPR infringements in China
  • Understand various China contract types, formats and risks
  • Receive solid instructions regarding various contracts and contractual clauses that are commonly encountered when operating business in China
  • Familiarise with the cultural customs of contractual agreements in Chinese business life and obtain guidance for dispute settlement

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